3 Steps to Reviving Your Motivation

Keeping your enthusiasm and inspiration alive is critical for your business. Yet even the most passionate business owners come face to face with a lack of motivation at times. Some can charge ahead in spite of it; others need a little help breaking through. We have three-steps to help revive your motivation.

The real trick is finding what works for you and your particular slump. It may not be helpful, for example, to “go out and try something new” if you’re paralyzed by indecision. If you don’t have clear insight into the cause of your demotivation, you need a strategy to uncover it.

1 Define Your Motivation Mojo

Motivation means many things to many people – enthusiasm, drive, ambition, initiative, enterprise, inspiration, desire, get up and go, willingness to do something – anything! You know it when you have it; and you know it when you don’t. What you may not know, however, is what actually motivates you. In strategy work, we call it a “definition of success” so we know it when we achieve it.

Examine who and what makes you excited and inspired, from childhood hobbies to the initial spark you had for your business. This chart highlights common motivators like recognition, personal growth and the work itself.

What Motivates You?



Motivation is very personal. Figuring out what sparks your mojo is key to keeping it alive.1

2 Figure Out Why You’ve Lost It

Here are some common reasons we get bogged down to consider:

  • Fear of failure: When the motivation to avoid failure exceeds your motivation to succeed
  • Stuck in a rut: Work has become routine and it’s not inspiring
  • Lack of results: You’ve been working hard and still not where you want to be
  • Comparing your success: You’re spending too much time worried about others’ successes
  • General burnout: You’re overwhelmed or overworked, it depletes your internal resources

If none of these resonate, you may want to ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Is there something else you’d rather be doing? If so, what?
  • Has there been a time in your past when you’ve encountered the same feeling? And what was that about? (potential link with a parallel experience)
  • Were you expecting something different from the experience that hasn’t materialized? Is there something about the business or work itself that isn’t working?
  • Are there things in your personal life getting in the way?


After you’ve identified one or more reasons behind your current situation, you can start working on making changes.

3 Create an Effective Solution

Once you’ve nailed down the culprit, you can move onto finding some productive solutions. Because let’s face it, a real lack of motivation isn’t solved by “staying upbeat” or “hanging around successful people.” These things can enhance and assist in your journey back toward inspiration, but that’s probably not enough to get you all the way – and keep you there.

Here’s What Not To Do

According to author and researcher Heidi Grant Halvorson, there are 3 common myths about getting motivated that simply don’t work:

  1. More goals: Don’t create new goals while you’re overwhelmed
  2. Tell yourself to “go out there and do your best”: Don’t add additional pressure you don’t need
  3. Visualize success: Don’t visualize a “utopia” or completed goals. This actually can have the opposite effect and demotivate you.

Effective solutions for staying motivated include:


  • Track and complete small tasks or projects to reinforce feeling accomplished
  • Learn new skills or research a new product or service opportunity
  • Figure out if there are any new revenue streams you’ve overlooked
  • Try to “gamify” your tasks or enliven your work environment
  • Decide if you need a whole new approach or strategy. Sometimes you really do need to pivot
  • Give yourself credit for all of your hard work
  • Reward yourself and your team for that hard work, too


This is obviously just a few ideas to get you started. But start small and work up to big changes regardless of what you determine how to move forward. And be sure to use several techniques when you have a particularly high hurdle to jump. Remember, everyone needs help sometimes and your next big win could be right around the corner.

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