Financial Tools to the Rescue

Set yourself up for success by finding the right financial tools to make your business more efficient and secure. WE Source outlines how to determine what may work best for your business.

Banking tools that help you run your business

Customer payments


Fast and efficient payments, plus automated sales and inventory tools.


Small businesses often start with PayPal®, Venmo®, Zelle®, Square® or ApplePay® and move to full-service payment service providers as their business grows.

Questions to Ask


  • What are my mobile and online payment options, and how do these protect against fraud?
  • Is there a monthly fee? What percentage of transactions does a vendor take?
  • How are payment disputes handled?
  • What are my customer support options? 24/7? Does it cost extra?

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HR and payroll


Reliable and accurate payroll with tax payment support. You may also need services like recruiting new employees, background checks and staying current with HR laws.


A payroll service that suits your immediate business needs but has additional services to help meet your needs over the next few years as your business grows.

Questions to Ask


  • Is there a free-trial?
  • Can they handle multistate taxes?
  • Can they manage employee gratuities if applicable?
  • Is online time tracking included?
  • Is customer service 24/7 and free?

Fraud protection


Business accounts aren’t protected the same way consumer accounts are so anti-fraud measures are essential. Fraud can potentially wipe out the accounts of a smaller business.


Use cash management products to give you control over outgoing payments plus the ability to limit employee access and/or put limits on transaction amounts. Train your team on anti-fraud best practices.

Questions to Ask


  • What types of fraud controls are available from your bank, accounting and payment solutions?
  • Can you limit employee access to bank accounts and place limits on employee transactions?
  • Do I need an EMV® chip reader to limit my liability for fraudulent transactions?

Learn more about how to protect your business from fraud

Cash flow


Keeping cash flow fluid and trackable, plus available to manage growth like hiring employees or investing in new equipment.


Provide the electronic payment options your customers prefer and negotiate longer payment terms with suppliers. You can use credit cards and business lines of credit to help to even out your cash flow.

Questions to Ask


  • Which type of business credit card is best for my business?
  • Should I give employees credit cards and how can I limit expenses?
  • Which cash flow services and financing align with my business goals?

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Business Deposits


Keeping personal and business finances separate. Even sole proprietorships need dedicated business accounts for record keeping, budgeting and taxes.


Banks usually offer bundles for multiple accounts with extra benefits and ways to avoid some fees.

Questions to Ask


  • How can my business avoid fees?
  • Are there limits or fees for cash deposits?
  • Is there a limit to the number of transactions per month?
  • Are there benefits to bundled products or services?

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