Your Business Stage: Dreaming, Launching or Growing

You know that feeling: A heady mix of excitement and conviction that drives you to forge ahead. Although there’s no magic formula for guaranteed business success, there are proven best practices to set you on the right path. And there is always something new to learn in our ever-changing world. Explore insights for each stage of your business. 

What stage is your business?


Your business is a great idea. Is it ready to be real?


Your business is ready to jump. Is now the time?


Your business is humming along. Is it ready to roar?


Maybe you’ve been quietly mulling over a business idea for years, or maybe it came to you in a burst of brilliance. Either way, we have some insights to help you decide if your business idea is ready for the big time.

Smiling Latina business woman looks up from her computer screen at a coworker out of the image frame

7 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business

Starting a business takes a lot of planning and research. This concise set of suggestions can help set your business on a solid foundation.

5 Character Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Do you have the character traits best suited to going out on your own? We talk about the 5 most important drivers of a successful small business owner.

From Mount Everest to Modern Entrepreneur: Anne Shiau’s Success Story

Anne Shiau climbs mountains and visits tropical islands, but took the time to share how she went out on a limb to start her own law practice and now finds herself top of the trees.


It’s your business’s early days but you’re gaining traction. We’ve collected recommendations and research on topics you’ll need to run the day-to-day while building for the future.

Two hands clasp the handle of a vintage blue sign that reads Come in: We are Open.

The Credit Conundrum: Building Business Credit

Qualifying for seed capital and even microloans usually requires excellent business credit. Here are some practical guidelines for getting and keeping good credit.

Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting: Which is Best for You?

What's the difference between mentoring, coaching, consulting and when should you use one or all of them to support your career and business growth? We help you discover what could work for you.

Small Business Card Processing Made Easy

WE Source outlines guidelines to help you choose the best option for your business.


You’re wondering if the business is ready to go to the next level so WE Source provides inspiration and information to fuel your growth. This part is just as exciting as starting out, but in a whole new way. 

Two white business women seated at a table compare documents they hold for each others review

4 Tech Trends Driving Business Growth

We cut through information overload to share 4 key trends in technology you should keep an eye on as you work on growing your business.

Is Your Small Business a Hit or a Miss?

Sometimes you know you have a smash hit with your new business, but in today's economic rough and tumble, it pays to keep your eye on a few key indicators to avoid a big miss.

Carol Olsen Weathers Storms to Fly Solo

Carol Olsen successfully carved a niche out for herself in the male-dominated tech industry, but faced one of the solo entrepreneur’s worst fears. Find out how Carol keeps her business thriving.

Need money for your business?

Learn about different types of funding for any business stage.


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